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Jason Crawford
Owner / Lead Developer

Arcada’s founder and CEO, Jason is a multi-stack engineer with a proven track record in complex application architecture. Before founding Arcada Labs, he worked as a senior engineer at a company in Portland where he built applications for NASDAQ, Bi-Mart, and Lensbaby, picking up a dozen programming languages along the way. Within a few years, he bought out that same employer and moved his clients over to his own brand, Arcada Labs, with the goal of providing a top-quality service to individuals and businesses of all sizes.  Jason has built a reputation for offering efficiency, responsiveness, and strong positive results for clients.

Originally from Los Angeles, Jason completed his university degree in biology and classical piano. He has been honing his skills in business and technology since the year 2000, when he started his first small IT business. By 2009, he had founded his own formal IT company which quickly became the top-rated service on Yelp for the greater LA area. Jason has traveled extensively throughout South and Central America, and currently lives in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.

Katie Swick
Lead UX/UI Designer

Katie has been working with Arcada Labs since 2018, and has more than 10 years experience as a designer. With a multi-disciplinary design background, Katie works with individuals and organizations on all different types of projects, with the expertise to transform their ideas into visuals that meet and exceed client expectations. Katie offers versatility of design and a creative and intuitive approach, ensuring that each final product supports the client’s mission far into the future.

Katie has a Bachelors in Business Marketing from the University of Rhode Island. She grew up in Connecticut and New York, and later traded the east coast for the west – currently living in Portland, OR.

Ashley Aue
Project Manager

Ashley joins the Arcada Lab teams from a 10+ year career in public and non-profit management. Ashley has worked across a number of sectors – from health care to education, international development to mental health and youth and family advocacy services. Ashley applies strong organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills to her work, and enjoys working with clients and partners across all different sectors to understand their interests and needs, and ensure efficient and effective results on any and all projects.

Ashley currently lives in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, but has roots in the Midwestern US. She has a BA in Psychology from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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