Two Peas in a Pod

Web site design and web development are two different terms that are intricately related. They form a harmonious relationship and enable your business to reap the benefits of a well-blended, responsive connection. Of course, this is when they’re done properly!

Think of your website or app as a physical store. Picture the color of the walls, the lighting, the air quality, some signature aroma, shelves designed to fit your products and the space of the store, special lighting to promote products, signs showing what is new or on sale…you get the idea.

Your website works along those same lines. It must be purposefully designed to meet your objectives, whether it’s sales, getting leads, promoting services, or any other goal that meets your needs. How will the user interact when first arriving at your landing page? What action would you invite them to take? How would you like them to feel? How can you keep their interest? Most importantly, how can you generate revenue? Web developers and designers can address all these questions.

But, first, what is the difference between web design and web development?

Web Design

In short, web design is how the website or app looks and feels. This refers to how visitors will navigate your website, how easily a person can find the information they’re looking for, how satisfied and happy the shopping experience leaves them, and how well it can turn prospects into leads and, eventually, customers.

When designing websites, there are three critical elements that must be addressed to ensure maximum performance: User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

UX is all about design – the way a user feels while navigating the app or website. Research has shown that a well-designed UX generates more visitor interest, stronger lead generation rates, and a better return on investment (ROI) from marketing campaigns.
UI is the infrastructure that makes the website, app, or any software easy to use and explore. This allows the user to understand what they are doing and delivers clear ways to navigate. It provides feedback, interacts with the user, and makes your software more accessible to your customers.

SEO is key, as this is what brings organic traffic to your website. This allows people who are looking for content, services, or products like yours to find you easily. It involves using special keywords, backlinks, engaging content, and measuring techniques that allow you to attract visitors to your website.

Web Development

Web development is the background that determines how the website works, as well as the technical tools and code behind it that make every button click and every window pop. Whereas the design is how it looks and how it works, web development is the engine making it all operate. Web development also observes the maintenance of the website, software, or app. Web architecture, or infrastructure, refers to the programming element, where functionality meets design.

Development can either be front-end development or back-end development. The former relates closely to web design and everything the user sees when using any software, while the latter is where all the wires and bolts connect. This is purely about function, responsiveness, security features, coding, and integrating or creating application programming interfaces (APIs), and where the programming happens. Full-stack development involves creating both and is the best way to get a comprehensive and highly responsive website.

Advantages to blending Web Design and Web Development

A strong web strategy will allow you to define specific goals and objectives for your business and website while maintaining enough flexibility for growth and change. Melding web design and web development ensures your users will have an easier, more intuitive experience. It will also help your business exhibit and communicate its significant features.

It will run smoothly, handle data securely, and have simple yet efficient navigation capabilities. Combined with a strong SEO strategy, your site will load fast, and have a responsive design.

I already have a website, so how can I make this happen?

We are passionate about web design and web development, and have the experience to ensure that it has top performance. Whether it is web design, web development, or both, we work closely with your business on existing or new websites, and our team of professionals is equipped to create personalized solutions to meet your goals efficiently.